Policy Updates

On the Hill Updates: January 8, 2021

Federal Courts

Trump continues to nominate judges

On January 3, President Trump submitted 16 new federal judicial nominations to the Senate for consideration, including four new lifetime appointments. With only weeks until the inauguration of President-elect Biden and COVID-19 infection rates continuing to climb during the initial stages of vaccine distribution, this is another unprecedented and irresponsible move. While the Senate is currently in recess until January 20, the continued nominations to the judiciary reflect a deep callousness toward the needs of millions of people negatively impacted by the pandemic and an irresponsible commitment to ultraconservative political aims.

Voter Engagement

House prioritizes democracy reforms

Signaling the priority for the new Congress, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced HR 1/ S 949, For the People Act, on January 4. This first bill introduced — a package of sweeping democracy reforms — was introduced in the last Congress and passed the House (234-193). HR 1 would expand access to the ballot box, restore the Voting Rights Act, end dark money in politics, buttress our campaign finance laws, impose ethics enforcement, and more. NCJW supports HR 1/S 949, a transformative bill that would make voting simpler, safer, and fairer; hold our elected officials accountable, and put democracy back in the hands of the people.

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