Affirm two-states, reject annexation

The two-state solution has long been bipartisan US policy reaffirmed by multiple administrations – UNTIL NOW.

The Trump administration is undermining the future of a secure, democratic homeland for the Jewish people by dropping the two-state solution from its discourse and seeming to endorse destructive calls in Israel for annexation.

Thankfully, the US Senate has introduced a resolution reaffirming a two-state policy and rejecting annexation moves – the best hope for a future of peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians both. But we need your voice to encourage senators to support this resolution!

Ask your senators to take a stand for two states and against annexation by adding their names to Senate Resolution 234.

NCJW cares deeply about Israel’s future – which is why we are so concerned about recent events. In his April election campaign, Prime Minister Netanyahu made an unprecedented pledge to begin annexing West Bank settlement blocs and more in his next term. Despite international outcry, this month US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told the New York Times that the Israeli government indeed had the “right” to take over parts of the West Bank.

If we can get broad support for the Senate resolution, it will make a strong statement that the United States continues to stand with the majority of Israelis and Palestinians in opposing annexation and supporting the need for a lasting, negotiated peace agreement. Ask your senators to support Senate Resolution 234!