Not On Our Watch — Jewish Communal Pledge

Take Action: Not On Our Watch! Sign the Jewish Communal Pledge for Abortion Access

Join the National Council of Jewish Women in the Jewish communal pledge to support abortion access. Our voices are needed now more than ever! The US Supreme Court is considering two abortion cases this term that could have a catastrophic impact on medication abortion and federal emergency abortion care.

  1. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. Food and Drug Administration challenges the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone, one of two pills commonly used in medication abortion. Mifepristone has been used safely in the US and around the world for more than 23 years.
  2. Idaho v. United States concerns Idaho’s law banning abortions even when the life of the pregnant person is at stake. The ban violates the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which ensures access to emergency services, including abortion. This case goes to the very heart of Judaism’s support for abortion, which mandates that when the life of a pregnant person is in danger, their life takes precedence over that of the fetus.

These cases threaten what is left of federal abortion access.

With a patchwork of state laws restricting and/or banning abortion, we need access to medication abortion — the most common method of abortion and the easiest to access for most people — and we need federal protections that allow for emergency abortion care.

We know that a majority of the Jewish community supports abortion. Now, more than ever, we must raise our Jewish voices in support of abortion because of religion, not in spite of it. 

Join NCJW to pledge your support for abortion access. 



Judaism supports abortion as health care, allowing and sometimes requiring it when the life of the pregnant person is at stake. Above all, our religion teaches us to respect and affirm the dignity of all people. We should all be able to make our own moral decisions about our body, health, and family. With abortion bans and restrictions in states across the country and two cases at the Supreme Court this term that could end the last vestiges of federal abortion protections, I recommit to working to ensure each of us can make our own health care decisions according to our individual religious beliefs.