No domestic gag rule!

On May 22, the Trump-Pence Administration released a proposed rule that seeks to end Title X for all health care providers that even refer to abortion care. For nearly fifty years, Title X has allowed healthcare providers to give comprehensive information about a person’s pregnancy options. This federal program is an essential health care grant dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning and related preventive services to individuals living with low-incomes. This proposed rule will make it impossible for millions of patients to access care at the largest reproductive health care provider in the country – Planned Parenthood. The proposed rule removes the guarantee that an individual is getting full and accurate information about their healthcare options as well as access to all effective, acceptable, and medically approved methods of birth control.

Sign this petition to let the Trump-Pence Administration know that we won’t allow for this type of attack on Planned Parenthood, abortion access, and low-income individuals who are simply trying to get critical health care.