Advocacy & Organizing 101

Legislative Visits

Visiting a member of Congress — in Washington DC or in a hometown office — is the most personal and effective way to communicate your views.

  • Determine if you want to visit your legislator’s Capitol or local office.
  • Call for a calendar to confirm your appointment options.
  • Schedule a specific appointment by phone. A written request may also be required. Tell the staff member the number of people attending and the issue(s) of interest.
  • Be prompt. And if the legislator or official is late, be patient and flexible.
  • Do not be disappointed if the meeting is with a staff person. There is great value in educating and building a relationship with the key staff members on issues.
  • Be prepared to speak confidently on as many, but not more than, three issues.
  • Bring concisely and clearly written materials outlining your position and leave them with the person you are visiting.
  • Follow up the meeting with a “thank you” letter outlining what was covered and reiterating your goals.

For more tips, download our “Tips to Having a Successful Legislative Visit” resource sheet!

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