About Us

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is the oldest Jewish feminist civil rights organization working for equity and justice for women, children, and families in the United States and Israel.

Through the efforts of our 210,000 grassroots advocates and 50 local sections, NCJW combines education, direct service, and advocacy to affect lasting social change at the local, state, and national levels.



Sheila Katz
Chief Executive Officer

Jake Green
Chief of Staff

Janelle Jenkins
Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Ann Russell
Associate Director of Operations

Finance & Administration

Murray Levin
Director of Finance

Vanessa Surles
Associate Director, Finance

John Edwards
Staff Accountant


Pamela Goldstein
Director of Advancement

Dan Kohl
Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Stephanie McKim
Associate Director, Development and Database Operations

Atarah Mark
Development Operations Associate

Engagement & Leadership

Laila Hirschfeld
Director of Engagement and Leadership

National Campaigns & Partnerships

Rachel Faulkner
Director of National Campaigns and Partnerships

Shira M.  Zemel
Abortion Access Campaign Co-Director

Glenn Northern
Abortion Access Campaign Co-Director

Kristin Booth
Manager of National Campaigns and Partnerships

Government Relations and Advocacy

Jody Rabhan
Chief Policy Officer

Darcy Hirsh
Director, Government Relations and Advocacy

Talya Steinberg
Associate Director, Government Relations and Advocacy

Smriti Krishnan
Government Relations and Advocacy Manager

Alannah Boyle
Manager of State Policy Advocates



Anahi Hurtado
Digital Media Specialist


Israel Policy and Programs

Kalela Lancaster
Israel Program Manager

Eynat Meytahl
Israel Program Associate