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As an NCJW member and supporter, you make a difference – in your community, in our country, and in Israel – by joining your voice with others to safeguard our rights and improve the quality of life for all women, children, and families. NCJW's local affiliations can be found across the nation, engaging women of diverse backgrounds and skills, thinkers and doers of all ages, who are passionate about repairing the world.

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NCJW California

Connect with the State Public Affairs Chair in this state by contacting NCJW's Washington office, and make an impact on the lives of women, children, and families.


Contra Costa

Founded: 1985

Key Projects:

  • Women's Re-Entry Scholarship Program
  • Shalom Bayit: support for victims of domestic violence 
  • Volunteer program for those living in respite care 

Contact Information:
Long Beach

Key Projects:

  • Hug-packs for foster children
  • Project Shabbat elderly outreach
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Contact Information:
Los Angeles

Founded: 1909

Geographic Region Covered:
Greater Los Angeles

Key Projects:

  • Women Helping Women: counseling talkline, teen empowerment groups, domestic violence support services, and more
  • Clothing families through vouchers & Council Thrift Shop 
  • Panel discussions on local and state issues
  • Women Helping Children: young mother, youth, and literacy programs
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Contact Information:

543 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036
323 651 2930

Founded: 1959

Geographic Region Covered:
Sacramento region

Key Projects:

  • Family Shalom: domestic violence education & support
  • Community projects serving homeless women and low-income families
  • Member events, including luncheons and community-building activities
  • Lectures, events, and discussions focused on local, national or international social issues
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative 

Contact Information:

Contact Information:
San Francisco

Key Projects:

  • Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking - As a founding organization, NCJW-SF members have been instrumental in bringing the issue of trafficking to the forefront of our community’s thoughts and actions. The Coalition is an educational, advocacy organization that also supports direct service providers in the area of anti-trafficking work.
  • Study Group – a diverse set of intimate programs for members on education and the arts.
  • Campaigns against adverse legislation affecting the Jewish Community, women, children, and families.
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Contact Information:

NCJW San Francisco Section
2000 Van Ness Ave Ste 411 San Francisco, CA 94109-3019
415 346 4600