BREAKING NEWS: After Demise of Senate Effort to Replace Health Care, NCJW Vows Vigilance Read more

Health care is a right – NOT a privilege.

After weeks of closed door negotiations, the Senate health care repeal bill was unveiled – and it's a disaster for millions.
(Guess who loses most? Women, children, and low income individuals and families.)

This Senate bill would constitute the cruelest cutback of the social safety net in US history. Do your part to stop it.

NCJW + Communities Against Hate

NCJW is partnering with Communities Against Hate, a diverse coalition coming together for the first time across communities to document hate and demand action. A wave of hate broke over the U.S. following the 2016 elections, affecting people from all walks of life, all across the country. Communities Against Hate is the response — a national initiative to document stories and respond to incidents of violence, threats and property damage motivated by hate in the United States. If you’ve witnessed or experienced a hate incident, tell us about it here:

We marched – now, we ACT!

NCJW was privileged to be a leader AND supporter of the Women's March on Washington on January 21. The unity that grew from marches nationwide will carry us through the coming months and years – but we must keep up the momentum.

Here are 4 things you can do right now:


  • You Be the Judge!

    Introducing You Be the Judge, a dynamic workshop on the federal court system. This program makes courts accessible and shows just how vital they really are.

    An exceptional educational experience, hosting the You Be the Judge program will deepen civic engagement and strengthen advocacy efforts. Everything you need to plan a successful event is provided by NCJW!

    For You Be the Judge materials or questions please contact Caroline Ostro, NCJW Judicial Nominations Campaign Organizer.

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