Abortion Coverage and the Affordable Care Act

"...Were our lawmakers to fully, boldly act to safeguard women's autonomy and decision-making, they would undo the harmful state coverage restrictions woefully allowed under the ACA, and end bans that deny abortion coverage to women enrolled in federal programs."

Read more by NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman in
The Huffington Post.

Take Action Over August Recess 2014!

Members of Congress spend the month of August in their home state or district, meeting with constituents. This is a great opportunity to speak with your representative or senators to highlight four critical issues: contraceptive coverage, sex trafficking, judicial nominations, and voting rights.

To help you prepare to speak out in your community and conduct a visit with your legislators, we offer resources, including legislative update recordings, talking points on policy issues as well as tips and templates to conduct a successful “in-district” visit with your legislators.

Take action today!

NCJW's Work in Israel: Hope Amidst Tragedy

As we all watch the situation in Israel, NCJW is working hard to provide protection to Israel’s most vulnerable populations, which has always been a goal of our Israel Granting Program.

Keep checking my.njcw.org/Israel for the latest updates on our Israel Granting Partners and how your support is making a difference for them during this critical time.

Please consider making a donation.

Shari Eshet, Director of the Israel Office, has been posting to her Facebook page regularly, and you may want to consider joining it to hear more from her directly regarding events on the ground.

We have also posted a continually-updated resource page at our online community, myNCJW.

Time to #FixHobbyLobby – Because Our Health and Rights are No Laughing Matter

What do an arts and crafts store, a furniture manufacturer, and a fresh produce distributor have in common? While I wish this was the opening to a good joke, the sad reality is that each one is a private business that has been allowed to assert a religious objection to withhold birth control coverage from their workers as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby). In its June 2014 decision, the Court held that certain private companies can use religion to discriminate against workers by denying them basic healthcare that is guaranteed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA.”

Read more from NCJW DC Senior Legislative Associate Amy Cotton at the NCJW Insider Blog.

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