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Standing With Trans Students, Protecting Women's Access to Abortion and Contraception

NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman comments the bevy of recent legislative attacks on the rights of trans folks (HB2), women seeking abortion care (WHPA), and women seeking access to contraception at their jobs (Zubik v. Burwell):

"Students should be able to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that are consistent with their gender identity, regardless of the sex listed on their birth certificates. ... As Attorney General Loretta Lynch remarks in a May 9 address: ’…we see you; we stand with you; and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward.’"
Read more about HB2 in the Forward.

"The Women’s Health Protection Act would go a very long way toward reversing the pernicious effects of the campaign against abortion access."
Read more about WHPA in The Hill.

"The Supreme Court’s ruling in Zubik v. Burwell to send the case back to the federal circuit courts once again delays certainty on how access to contraceptive coverage will be assured for those who are employed by faith-affiliated nonprofit organizations."
Read more about Zubik v. Burwell in The Huffington Post.

NCJW Israel Spring Appeal 2016

Happy Birthday to Israel, celebrating 68 years of independence!

NCJW has been a leading organization in supporting Israel for 68 years. By adding your voice and making a gift to NCJW, you help women, children, and families who turn to NCJW-funded programs for vital aid.

Through the Israel Granting Program, NCJW partners with organizations like HILLEL – the Right to Choose which addresses the challenges faced by women like Mina, who leave ultra-Orthodox communities and struggle to make new lives in the secular world. Check out Mina's inspiring story in the above video, and support NCJW's efforts in Israel through our Israel Spring Appeal.

Distance Learning Call

Sign up today for the National Council of Jewish Women’s Promote the Vote Distance Learning Call!

Join us on Thursday, May 19 from 2-3pm ET for an interactive call to hear what NCJW leaders are doing to promote the vote, including voter registration, education, and awareness. This is the first presidential election in more than 50 years without the full protection of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Register now to share your advocacy efforts, learn about the work NCJW leaders are doing across the country, and exchange best practices and lessons learned as we approach the 2016 election.

Join NCJW's #DoYourJob campaign!

President Obama did his job by nominating Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Now, our US Senators must do their job and hold prompt, fair hearings on the nominee.

Take a moment to join NCJW's #DoYourJob campaign calling on Senator Grassley to not overlook his constitutional duty.

Have YOU read NCJW's #DoYourJob Digest? Catch up on all the latest US Supreme Court vacancy news and see what amazing things our sections are doing to push the process forward. Subscribe to the Digest here!

Best cure for the ugliness of the Supreme Court vacancy battle is a hearing - and a vote

In a recent op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, NCJW President Debbie Hoffmann refutes the reasons consistently used by some US Senators for why they won't hold hearings on the president's nominee.

"There are no explanations or legitimate excuses to justify a total blockade on filling a Supreme Court vacancy. Senators should proceed with a hearing and vote as soon as possible, expressing support or opposition to Judge Garland. Obstructing the entire nomination process could leave a vacancy until 2017, threatening that the Supreme Court would go two terms with only eight justices – a move that would be unwise and irresponsible."

Read her op-ed here.

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