BREAKING NEWS: NCJW Launches National Awareness and Advocacy Initiative About Sex Trafficking Read more

20 Years of Domestic Violence Prevention Isn’t Enough

"It is also fitting that we celebrate 20 years of VAWA as Jews around the world prepare to celebrate the “High Holidays” -- Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- a time of reflection, atonement for one’s sins, and rededication to our fellow human beings. The current headlines reflect what we know occurs in communities each and every day, though with less well known figures. As we reflect during these “High Holidays,” let us not only celebrate the successes of the Violence Against Women Act, but rededicate ourselves to continuing the fight to shore up legal tools and protections to keep individuals safe from those who are supposed to love them."

Read more by NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman in
The Hill.

Introducing EXODUS: NCJW's Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative

We are excited to announce the launch of Exodus: NCJW’s Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative, which focuses on raising awareness about sex trafficking of women and children in the US and aims to create important social change through the passage and enforcement of laws.

Interested in learning more about Exodus? Check out NCJW’s Anti-Trafficking Action Kit that includes:

    > Programming ideas to educate and raise awareness
    > Information about laws that are key to helping trafficking survivors
    > A discussion board for you to share your anti-sex trafficking work
    > An image gallery for you to download Exodus graphics

We thank NCJW’s Northern Virginia Section for generously contributing to NCJW’s Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative.

All Above All Be Bold Road Trip 2014

NCJW Leaders went to Washington as part of All Above All's Be Bold Road Trip to speak Up for Abortion Coverage

Check out the photo album of NCJW women in action -- coast to coast!

NCJW's Work in Israel: Hope Amidst Tragedy

Keep checking for the latest updates on our Israel Granting Partners and how your support is making a difference for them during this critical time.

Listen to the recording of our Distance Learning Call featuring Shari Eshet, Director of the NCJW Israel Office, and Naomi Schneiderman, Executive Director of the Woman to Woman Jerusalem Shelter for Battered Women. Naomi discussed the impact of the crisis in Israel on the women and children in the shelter, the vital programs we support through our NCJW Israel Granting Program, and domestic violence in Israel. Listen here!

Check out NCJW's Israel Facebook page for regular updates

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Courts Matter Call What’s at Stake for the 2014-2015 Supreme Court Term

Monday, October 6 marks the first day of the Supreme Court’s 2014-2015 term. As usual, the Court’s docket is filled with cases that will affect our lives for generations to come.Join a special NCJW call featuring Marcia D Greenberger, founder and co-President of the National Women's Law Center, on September 29 to get an expert’s view on several of the important cases to be considered by the Supreme Court this term.

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