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Best cure for the ugliness of the Supreme Court vacancy battle is a hearing - and a vote

In a recent op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, NCJW President Debbie Hoffmann refutes the reasons consistently used by some US Senators for why they won't hold hearings on the president's nominee.

"There are no explanations or legitimate excuses to justify a total blockade on filling a Supreme Court vacancy. Senators should proceed with a hearing and vote as soon as possible, expressing support or opposition to Judge Garland. Obstructing the entire nomination process could leave a vacancy until 2017, threatening that the Supreme Court would go two terms with only eight justices – a move that would be unwise and irresponsible."

Read her op-ed here.

Join the #DoYourJob campaign

President Obama did his job by nominating Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Now, our US Senators must do their job and hold prompt, fair hearings on the nominee.

This Passover, take a moment to join NCJW's #DoYourJob campaign calling on Senator Grassley to not overlook his constitutional duty.

Share this Passover meme (click for instructions and more memes) on Facebook and Twitter and use our handy Passover Social Media Guide for sample posts and and tips on tweeting at your senators!

National Council of Jewish Women Takes Action in DC

At Washington Institute 2016, nearly 400 NCJW members marched in a silent procession from the US Supreme Court to the US Capitol to deliver hundreds of pocket Constitutions and signed notes to Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley.

We say to the Senate: #DoYourJob and move forward the process of filling the US Supreme Court vacancy in a fair and timely manner. End partisan obstruction and honor the Constitution!

During Passover, Remember That Sex Trafficking is Bondage

"As Jews across the world gather to celebrate Passover, we are reminded of our ancient history of struggle to escape bondage in Egypt. Of the many forms of oppression involving forced labor that persist in our world, surely sex trafficking is among the most pernicious, and the spirit of Passover ought to prompt us to redouble our efforts to end it.

"The Exodus story at the heart of Passover also tells us of the spirit of community among Jews that no doubt eased the pain of their oppression. Those ensnared by sex trafficking need that same sense of solidarity and caring from us that addresses every aspect of their physical and spiritual recovery from the treacherous territory of sex trafficking."

Read more.

2016 Grant Partners

Check out the new Israel Granting Program Grant Partners!

The National Council of Jewish Women is committed to advancing women’s status in Israel by helping women develop a stronger voice at all levels of society. NCJW’s Gender Equality Initiative focuses on freedom to marry, anti-sex trafficking, women in the public sphere, religious pluralism, and women’s empowerment through our Israel Granting Program, advocacy, and education.

Read more here. Support our Israel work.

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