Plan A

Plan A: NCJW's Plan for Contraceptive Access


Plan A: NCJW’s Campaign for Contraceptive Access aims to secure and protect access to contraceptive information and options. A community-based, proactive national campaign, Plan A is firmly rooted in the belief that such access is necessary for women’s well-being and equality.
Plan A mobilizes the faith-based and progressive communities as well as the public at large to take action through a combination of education and advocacy.

In the United States, virtually all American women have used a contraceptive at some point in their lives. In addition, there is overwhelming popular support for comprehensive sexuality education and contraceptive access. Yet access cannot be taken for granted. Individuals who oppose access to birth control and comprehensive sexuality education, however small a minority, seek to impose one particular religious belief about sexuality and contraceptive on everyone. Plan A is poised to help individuals and groups stand up and speak out.

Plan A has been endorsed by the following national organizations (list in progress):

Across the country, NCJW has already begun to bring Plan A into communities. From Pittsburgh to Phoenix, and St. Louis to San Diego, Plan A advocates are educating themselves and engaging others around the five Plan A issues: pharmacy refusals, comprehensive sexuality education, emergency contraception, affordable contraception, and young women's access. Check out the tools available to help you get informed and take action with NCJW's Plan A Campaign. 


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