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On Contraceptive Coverage, Supreme Court's Folly

"...No legal case since Roe v Wade has so clearly exposed the underlying sexist implications of the current debates over providing for women’s health needs. No legal case since Roe has so dangerously threatened women’s ability to control their own bodies in accordance with their own religious beliefs and consciences. While women themselves have come to a consensus that reproductive healthcare is an essential part of their overall healthcare and at least as essential as providing Viagra to men, a powerful stratum of men apparently don’t think so. Some of them are on the Supreme Court and others are busily engaged in hypothetical workarounds that assume women’s rights take second place to the rights of their bosses."

Read more by NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman in
The Hill.

This Independence Day Season, Exploding in Outrage

If the Hobby Lobby decision was the grand finale — the send-up-all-the-fireworks-at-once moment — of the Supreme Court term, there were other explosions as well. Days before, a sharply divided Court issued that opinion, a shockingly unanimous decision in McCullen v Coakley invalidated a Massachusetts law setting a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. It’s crucial to remember that the Massachusetts law was passed after a horrible shooting at a clinic in Brookline, MA,that killed two female clinic workers and wounded at least five others.

Read a post reflecting on the season of explosive Supreme Court Decisions from NCJW Washington, DC, Director emerita Sammie Moshenberg at ZEEK Magazine.

Take Action Over August Recess 2014!

Members of Congress spend the month of August in their home state or district, meeting with constituents, attending town hall meetings, and listening to what their constituents have to say. This is a great opportunity to speak with your representative or senators to highlight four critical issues: contraceptive coverage, sex trafficking, judicial nominations, and voting rights. Sign up today to receive a link to the NCJW legislative update recording and resources when they are available online.

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NCJW's Work in Israel: Hope Amidst Tragedy

As we all watch the situation in Israel, NCJW is working hard to provide protection to Israel’s most vulnerable populations, which has always been a goal of our Israel Granting Program.

We are thrilled to report that the staff and residents of NCJW grantee EDEN Village are all out of the area. NCJW raised more than $25,000 thanks to the groundswell of support, and we are now creating an Emergency Grants Fund to be an ongoing part of NCJW’s Israel Granting Program (IGP) so that we may respond swiftly when situations like these threaten the organizations we support through IGP. Please consider making a donation.

Shari Eshet, Director of the Israel Office, has been posting to her Facebook page regularly, and you may want to consider joining it to hear more from her directly regarding events on the ground.

We have also posted a continually-updated resource page at our online community, myNCJW.

Inside The Supreme Court: The Hobby Lobby Decision

As soon as Justice Alito began delivering the majority opinion, I feared that my concerns had been realized. The owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family, say that this case was about their religious freedom. Setting aside the fact that it is ridiculous that a corporation can claim to have religious beliefs, I cannot view this as a burden to the Green family’s exercise of religion. Health care is a benefit provided as part of an employee’s compensation and they are therefore free to use that benefit however they choose. Furthermore, the Greens were not being forced to use contraception or to even endorse its use. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rightly pointed out, most of Hobby Lobby’s employees do not share the religious beliefs of the Greens, making this about using religion to discriminate. This decision places the religious liberty of owners, bosses, and corporations over that of individual workers.

Read more from NCJW Washington Intern David Blumberg at the NCJW Insider Blog.

And listen to our phone call, with expert Dahlia Lithwick as we recap the Supreme Court term and its impact on women's, and civil, rights.

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