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Post-election priority #1: Protect women’s health

On day one in office, President-elect Trump has vowed to ask Congress to immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — meaning 55 million women could lose their healthcare.

NCJW will fight to protect the ACA – because we all deserve the ability to access care and make our own faith-informed decisions about our body, health, and family without risking other basic needs.

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Access to health coverage is a reproductive justice issue!

We all deserve to be able to care for our health, family and future, regardless of income, race or other factor. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more people can access care by getting covered in the health insurance marketplace — with financial help available to many.

Spread the word using NCJW’s #GetCovered Resources to help others get covered today!

You Be the Judge!

Introducing You Be the Judge, a dynamic workshop on the federal court system. This program makes courts accessible and shows just how vital they really are.

An exceptional educational experience, hosting the You Be the Judge program will deepen civic engagement and strengthen advocacy efforts. Everything you need to plan a successful event is provided by NCJW!

For You Be the Judge materials or questions please contact Caroline Ostro, NCJW Judicial Nominations Campaign Organizer.

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Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women as our network of section leaders, members, staff, and coalition partners come together to shape the future and lead the way. Please click here to plan your trip and book your room.

Don't forget to make your travel arrangements soon – we can't wait to shape the future and lead the way with you.

Visit our new convention website to check out the latest info regarding schedule and hotel rooms. Through our online system, reservations will be accepted at a discounted room rate until February 24, 2017.

NCJW in Israel

NCJW has been a leading organization in supporting Israel for 68 years. By adding your voice and making a gift to NCJW, you help women, children, and families who turn to NCJW-funded programs for vital aid.

Through the Israel Granting Program, NCJW partners with organizations like HILLEL – the Right to Choose which addresses the challenges faced by women like Mina, who leave ultra-Orthodox communities and struggle to make new lives in the secular world. Check out Mina's inspiring story in the above video, and support NCJW's efforts in Israel through our Israel Spring Appeal.

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