Shining Your Light: Sharon Lipton

My Washington Institute Experience

Sharon Lipton
Director of the Executive Board

I can remember the first time I attended the Washington Institute in 2003. I was so impressed with NCJW’s passionate and articulate leaders, who led us, during the convention that year, to understand and speak out to our Congressional Representatives. That singular experience ignited my passion for social justice and advocacy.  NCJW became my home. Never did I think back in 2003 that I would become President of my section, a State Policy Advocate, a National Board member and now Co-Chair of Washington Institute, NCJW’s premier policy conference.

NCJW knows that #CourtsMatter and that the composition of the federal courts defines how justice is delivered in our nation. In 2016, the outrageous efforts to stonewall Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, led to the creation of the “Do Your Job Campaign”- a movement to ensure that every senator honors his or her oath to uphold the Constitution. NCJW organized a procession of more than 350 women that walked silently from the steps of the Supreme Court to the steps of the Capitol. Each of us carried a copy of the Constitution and messages that were delivered to the office of Senator Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, demanding that our senators let the president carry out his constitutional duty to appoint the next Supreme Court justice.

We have the opportunity to impact the national debate by being in the room and taking part in the conversation that has inspired so many NCJW women to launch a career of activism. I invite you to join me at Washington Institute 2019 as we raise our collective voices to work toward “Building a Movement, Not a Moment”.

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