Jewish communal pledge for medication abortion access

A judge in Texas aims to restrict access to mifepristone, one of the two drugs used in medication abortion and the drug most commonly used for miscarriages in the United States. Should his decision stand, it could dismantle access to medication abortion nationwide.

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Jewish law not only permits abortion but under certain circumstances even requires it. Restrictions to reproductive care like banning or restricting access to mifepristone, the most common drug used for abortions and miscarriages, impede our religious freedom as Jews to follow our tradition, which prioritizes the life and well-being of the pregnant person. This also jeopardizes safety for all who need abortion and miscarriage access in our communities.

Add your voice below pledging to help us move closer to a world where every person is able to access comprehensive, affordable, compassionate, and equitable abortion care in whatever setting they choose and at whatever time they choose.