Shining Your Light: Marilyn Colby Rivkin

Marilyn Colby Rivkin
Vice President, NCJW Board

I’ve had many lights, many bright moments during my 30-year history with NCJW. One
that comes to mind often is about six years ago, standing in the hall at Washington
Institute. I had just come out of a session feeling charged up and inspired. I don’t
remember the content of the session or the action we were encouraged to do, but I do
remember the feeling and the realization that came to me as I looked around me. I am
committed to many causes and spend my life both professionally and as a volunteer
trying to make the world a better place. But at that moment it became crystal clear to me
why NCJW is the place I do my best social justice work – it’s my NCJW sisters.

I am energized, inspired, challenged and comforted by my NCJW friends in MN and around
the country. They push me to think better and work harder. Sometimes I get tired and
want to sit on the sidelines. It is harder to do that when I have my team encouraging me
to stay engaged – to make one more call, show up at one more community event, speak
loudly and often about the issues I care about.

So on this Chanukah, I light a candle in honor of all of my NCJW sisters and comrades
in action. We are such a strong force together…and in the process, we sure do have a
good time.

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