Shining Your Light: Jessica Frankel

Jessica Frankel
NCJW New Orleans, Advocacy Committee Member

I was at an event commemorating the anniversary of Roe V Wade and NCJW was a co-sponsor. I was an intern at Planned Parenthood at the time and I had coordinated logistics for the event. I met Ina Davis at the Roe V Wade event I mentioned and she and I exchanged contact information. She was so kind and took me out to lunch a couple of weeks later. I was a senior in college and I was trying to find a job, Ina did a lot to help me network and kept me plugged into NCJW’s advocacy work.

I am passionate about the causes NCJW supports and I love how intergenerational our chapter is. It’s amazing to work with trailblazing matriarchs as well as my millennial peers who are all equally committed to these important causes. Meeting Congressman John Lewis at the NCJW conference is another highlight of my work. I co-wrote and published an op-ed last year with NCJW about DACA.

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