Webinar: Donor Engagement & Journey Mapping

Watch the recording

Watch this training by the Greater Good Strategy team to learn about digital fundraising, engagement, and stewardship for your section. Using prospective donor profiles, we worked together to answer the questions: What is the tipping-point in their decision-making to become a donor? How do we get donors to be more engaged and more deeply committed to your section’s work? How do we encourage their journey from “fan” to repeat donor? Hear recommendations to engage your target audience and bring them further into your community.

Use the resources:

  • Presentation Slides: View the slides from the webinar.
  • Target Audience Persona Profile Worksheet: Use this worksheet to build target audience members for your own Section. Start with a big brainstorm and narrow it down until you can imagine that person very clearly. Be specific! For example, instead of saying they’re 40-50 years old, say they’re 46 or instead of saying they work at a school, say they are a 3rd grade teacher.
  • Sample Target Audience Persona Profiles: These profiles are examples that the Greater Good Strategy team created with the development and communications departments at NCJW. They are fictional individuals.
  • Digital Journey Mapping Worksheet: Use this worksheet to create digital journeys for each of the new personas you create.
  • Core Messaging Worksheet: Use this worksheet to help you build the language that you will use to compel each persona to give to your Section – what you will say to them and how you will say it. It’s important that these are also specific – and unique to your organization – while staying rooted in authenticity. Have confidence that your organization is delivering on those statements.

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