Why We March


In preparation for the Women’s March 2018, Nancy K. Kaufman writes: “Once again, women are on the march. We are indeed no strangers to marching. As women we have marched en masse for goals ranging from the idealistic to the pragmatic, and usually a mixture of both—the right to vote, the choice about when to give birth, family leave, and equal pay, among others. But not since the height of the civil rights movement have we felt so intensely that we are marching to save our nation’s soul.

“2017 has seen an unrelenting attack on those our president disdains—women, people of color, immigrants, those in need of health care, with low incomes, with disabilities, anyone not white. We have always contested polices that hurt people who fall into these categories. We have rarely witnessed them treated with such contempt.” Read the full op-ed.

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