Life Changes in an Instant

By Jody Rabhan

Today marks one year since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) in Parkland, Florida. Life changed in an instant for the students, teachers, friends, school personnel, families, community, and the country.

Out of the devastation grew a movement that brought millions of people marching in the streets on March 24 — the largest single demonstration against gun violence this country has seen and likely the largest single-day protest in Washington, DC. Out of the devastation grew a movement of new gun sense voters — young and old, new and seasoned — armed with the weapons of education and information about the perils of easy and unfettered access to guns. And out of the devastation came a newly elected class of lawmakers in the House of Representatives, many driven to run on a gun safety platform and elected to bring that message to our nation’s capital.

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