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National Council of Jewish Women: Abortion is Essential Health Care


September 1, 2021


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National Council of Jewish Women: Abortion is Essential Health Care
National Council of Jewish Women condemn the inaction by the Supreme Court allowing Texas abortion ban to go into effect

WASHINGTON — Today, Texas’ abortion ban was allowed to go into effect due to inaction by the Supreme Court. National Council of Jewish Women CEO Sheila Katz issued the following statement in response:

“Today legal abortion has effectively been banned in the state of Texas, and it’s clear the rest of our country could be headed in that direction. This is a devastating loss for all of us fighting for our bodily autonomy and control. The inaction by the Supreme Court not only puts millions of Texans at risk, particularly women, people of Color and LGBTQ folks, but also makes it clear that this Court will uphold other barriers to access this essential health care for all of us in this country.

“Abortion is health care. Our Jewish values compel us to support full access to safe and legal abortion care as basic health care. This Texas law awards anti-abortion extremists by allowing them to sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion after 6 weeks. And if they are successful in their suit, they’ll be rewarded with at least $10,000 – to be paid by the person sued.

“This is a racial justice issue. This is an economic justice issue. This is a public health issue. We must continue to advocate for access to abortion so that everyone, not just those in positions of privilege, can make their own health care decisions with dignity.

“We need Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect access to abortion without the intervention of the Court. We will continue to mobilize to ensure that every single person can make their own decisions about their health.”


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