Jewish groups call on Congress to fight human trafficking

Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Jewish News

Myrna Arlen Bloch and Susie Gordon, co-presidents of NCJW Cleveland, call for comprehensive action to end human trafficking. They write, “The Jewish story is one of both slavery and redemption. Every year, we recount the Exodus, the journey of our ancestors from bondage to freedom. This retelling forms the core of Jewish empathy for the most vulnerable, and our moral imperative to uphold the right of every individual to be free.

“Even though forced labor is illegal, the United States continues to grapple with the reality of human trafficking – modern-day slavery – at home and abroad. No industry is immune to the scourge of human trafficking, and even state-sponsored ‘guest worker’ programs have been found rife with abuse and cases of forced labor. While trafficking happens in all 50 states, survivors often find themselves locked up in the criminal justice system and isolated from the support they need.

“As the Jewish community works with Congress and the administration to combat human trafficking – including reauthorizing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act – these are our guiding values.” Read the full op-ed.

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