Miller’s Confirmation Threatens Institutions, Democracy

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Miller’s Confirmation Threatens Institutions, Democracy


February 26, 2019, Washington, DC – The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) expressed its extreme disappointment at the Senate’s confirmation of Eric Miller to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman released the following statement:

“Just when we thought the Senate couldn’t sink any lower, it confirmed Eric Miller to a lifetime seat on the federal bench. For the first time in this country’s history, a federal judge has been confirmed over the substantive, legitimate objections of both home state senators — in this case, Senators Murray and Cantwell (both D-WA). By holding this vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has made it clear that he does not respect the Washington state senators, the integrity of the judiciary, or the sanctity of Senate safeguards.

“An independent federal judiciary is a hallmark of American democracy. With every Senate norm disregarded and safeguard tossed aside, the integrity of our institutions weakens, and so too does our democracy. NCJW urges all senators to take a hard look at this broken process and think about whether packing the courts with ideologues nominated by Donald Trump is worth eroding our democracy.”

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