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100 Day News Letter – Day 93 April 22, 2021

NCJW advocates across the country met the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd with relief and sadness. The road to racial justice is long and the fight is far from over. As gun violence disproportionately impacts Black communities, as states pass more than 400 bills to suppress the vote, as Washington, DC still struggles to become a state, institutionalized racism keeps our nation from realizing its full potential. Jewish values have demanded, and continue to demand, that we fight for a world that honors the irrefutable preciousness of every human being, with just systems and structures to support that. NCJW has long been committed to the work of antiracism and, as ever, our work continues. We are grateful to be in this important struggle with all of you.

Read on to learn more about NCJW’s work this week for women, children, and families.

As we enter into the final week of the Administration’s first 100 days, NCJW is thrilled to have accomplished nine of our priorities. There are more confirmations ahead, including a Senate Judiciary Committee vote to advance the nomination of Kristen Clarke to serve as Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice. NCJW is proud to work with this administration to confirm the most diverse nominees across the White House and government agencies in history.

As always, our work continues beyond the first 100 days! Be sure to check out NCW’s Action Alerts and take action to advance policies for women, children, and families.

  • Equal Pay: The House of Representatives passed the Paycheck Fairness Act on April 15. The bill would update and strengthen the landmark 1963 Equal Pay Act to help close the gender wage gap by closing loopholes that allow employers to justify paying workers unfairly, creating more robust remedies for those who have suffered discrimination, and other important remedies. NCJW supports this bill and urges the Senate to follow suit.Take action! Tell your senator to prioritize passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • Blanket Entry Bans: NCJW applauded President Biden’s decision to rescind the Muslim and African Bans on his first day in office. But we need to make sure similar blanket bans cannot be issued in the future. On April 21, the House of Representatives passed the NO BAN Act (HR 1333), which would outlaw discrimination based on religion in the entry of immigrants or nonimmigrants. It would also put in place critical congressional notification and reporting requirements. Presidents would still have the power to issue narrow bans justified by the evidence in the name of national security — but they would no longer be able to ban an entire community without culpability.
  • Childcare: Last week, the Biden Administration announced the release of $39 billion of American Rescue Plan funds to states, territories, and tribes to address the child care crisis caused by COVID-19. These funds will help early childhood educators and family child care providers keep their doors open. These providers have been on the frontlines caring for the children of essential workers, especially mothers, who want to get back to work. The funds are a critical step to pave the way for a robust economic recovery and a more equitable future.
  • DOJ Nominations: On April 21, the Senate voted (51-49) to confirm the nomination of Vanita Gupta as the Associate Attorney General of the Department of Justice. NCJW supported Vanita Gupta’s historic nomination — the first woman of color and civil rights lawyer to serve in one of the top three positions at the Justice Department.
  • Judicial Nominations: The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a hearing on the nominations of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the nation’s second-highest court, and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi to the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, on April 28. NCJW supports both nominees who would bring a commitment to equality and justice to the federal bench. Take Action! Urge your senators to support the confirmations of Ketanji Brown Jackson and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi!

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