100 Days Newsletter

100 Day News Letter – Day 79 April 8, 2021

With the House and Senate still on recess, we are preparing for a busy three weeks upon their return. Notably, the Senate Judiciary Committee just scheduled a hearing at 10am on April 14 on Kristen Clarke’s nomination to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ). On April 15, the Senate is expected to vote on Vanita Gupta’s nomination to serve as Associate Attorney General at DOJ. With a long history of defending our civil rights, these historic nominees, supported by NCJW, are day one ready to work for justice.

Take Action:

Check out NCJW’s work this week to improve the lives of women, children, and families.


What is it?

This plan was announced last week and addresses long standing economic and racial inequities by focusing on transportation, caregiving, housing, school, manufacturing, water, broadband, and the power grid. While the legislation has yet to be drafted, NCJW is pleased the effort aims to bolster both our physical and technological infrastructure along with the care economy. We look forward to legislation in Congress that leads to job creation, builds roads, trains and supports home health care workers, and ensures a more equitable economy.

How does it relate to our past work?

Since the start of the pandemic, NCJW has advocated for federal legislation addressing the health and economic emergencies impacting the country and particularly women of color. Together with our network of advocates, NCJW has successfully helped inform and pass previous relief bills, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, CARES Act, HEROES Act, and the American Rescue Plan.

What can I do now?

Take action by emailing your senators! Let them know that the significant public investment outlined in the plan is good for the economy. Underinvesting will hurt the very people harmed the most already in this crisis and prevent the country from getting back on track.

Today, President Biden announced six executive actions to reduce gun violence:

  • limiting ghost guns (sold without serial numbers);
  • providing $5 billion for community violence interventions;
  • nominating a gun safety advocate to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF);
  • strengthening extreme risk laws;
  • issuing an annual report on gun trafficking to provide data to inform life-saving solutions; and
  • addressing stabilizing braces like the shooter used in Colorado last month to turn a pistol into a rifle.

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