Webinar: Cultivating Leadership Talent and Potential

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Developing and investing in a leadership pipeline is the key to your section’s future success. Learn how to build a culture that focuses on cultivating your “human resources” and incorporating leadership development practices into the work of your board members, committee chairs, project leads, etc. Watch this training by Beth Gansky, Executive Director of ACHARAI: Shoshana S. Cardin Jewish Leadership Institute, as she provides techniques to catalyze members to take on responsibilities and new roles. She also explores how to find existing leaders in your local community and bring them into NCJW. View the presentation slides.

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Webinar: Tools for Developing Leaders

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Are you looking to engage new members? Would you like some of your members to deepen their involvement with NCJW and learn new skills? Do you need a pipeline for volunteers to become board members? Come learn how to model NCJW St. Louis’ leadership class  and training workshops in your community. You will walk away with essential resources and tools to start creating a leadership pipeline in your own section.

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Outreach to Potential Leaders

Use these resources to help you identify potential leaders and start a leadership conversation with them.

In this webinar recording you will learn how identify potential leaders, ask someone to take on a specific task or role, and use action-oriented teams to engage more developing leaders. The recording also discusses the differences between an action-oriented team and a traditional committee.