Webinar: Navigating Board Expectations, Conflict, and Success Webinar – NCJWebinars Leadership Series

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Education and training are a vital part of any board’s development and success. Leading a board or committees takes time and intention –– from setting expectations, to cultivating board members and leaders, and addressing conflict when it arises. In this 90-minute webinar, Leadership Montgomery provides actionable steps and tools to assist you in increasing board effectiveness and engagement. Learn how to foster a shared understanding of the role of board members, resolve organizational and interpersonal conflict, and plan for long-term leadership succession.

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Webinar: Building Board Engagement and Accountability

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Learn best practices for setting board expectations, assigning projects and responsibilities to board members, and ensuring they follow through. Watch our second board engagement webinar led by leadership coach, Beth Gansky. You’ll gain tools for creating a culture of engagement and accountability and supporting board members through project completion and learn strategies for having conversations with board members that foster strong working relationships and a follow through on commitments.

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Strategic Planning Essentials

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Learn clear action steps for refining and sustaining your strategic plan. In this webinar C. Marie Taylor, President and CEO of Leadership Montgomery, explores the key aspects of building a strategic planning model that fits with your section. Watch the recording to learn about practical models for conducting a successful annual strategic planning and how to use the resources below in your strategic planning process.

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Webinar: Board Engagement

Setting Your Board Up for Success

Featured Speaker: Beth Gansky, Executive Director of ACHARAI: Shoshana S. Cardin Jewish Leadership Institute
While NCJW sections are navigating uncertain times and new challenges, it’s essential to take time to onboard and engage board members at the start of their terms. As you prepare for the start of a new fiscal year and board term, join Beth Gansky, Executive Director of ACHARAI: Shoshana S. Cardin Jewish Leadership Institute, for an interactive session to learn best practices and gain tools for onboarding your new board and setting up systems for an engaged and accountable board from the start.  This webinar is geared toward section presidents and the executive committee. Interested section board members and staff are welcome.

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