Building bridges with books

NCJW/Cleveland Section’s commitment to improving childhood literacy led its volunteers to create Building Bridges with Books. Beginning three years ago, a group of NCJW members with expertise in education researched a number of schools to identify those whose libraries and students could truly benefit from program to enhance library resources. Since then the section has donated and shelved over 10,000 books, either improving or creating libraries at five schools.

Books are sorted, coded with ISBN numbers, and either given to the libraries, to teachers for classroom use, or directly to students so they can develop their own home libraries.

“The books that were donated to my school were very helpful, because they expanded my reading level. Before our school got the books, the library books we had were not as challenging as they are now. It’s really fun to make my mind work, and I like to use clues while reading. Thank you for the books,” said Harlei McCoy, a student in 3rd grade at Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy.

Children’s Literacy ranks as a high priority for NJCW sections. 9 sections reporting on their work in FY2017 reached more than 2,100 children with literacy programs. They include: Cleveland, Detroit, Greater Houston, New York, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Rockland, San Antonio, and Valencia Shores.

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