Webinar: National Voter Registration Day: Get Out the Vote!

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Every year, millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. And it’s even more difficult to register to vote during a pandemic. Watch the webinar recording with NCJW and Caitlin Donnelly, Education and Engagement Coordinator at Nonprofit VOTE, to learn how to participate in National Voter Registration Day, on Tuesday, September 22, the only holiday devoted to getting all voters registered. Hear from NCJW Vice President and State Policy Advocate Co-Coordinator Claire Lipschultz on how to get involved in Vote Forward, a Get Out the Vote letter writing campaign, and NCJW Michigan Section Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote captain Linda Levy who discussed Let’s Both Vote!, a new campaign launched by NCJW MI to reach out to young voters.

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Use the Resources

NCJW resources:

VoteForward Resources:

  • Using unique NCJW link, sign up to help register voters from under-represented demographics and/or encourage them to vote

National Voter Registration Day (September 22, 2020) resources:

  • Sign up to become a partner organization
  • Check out the NVRD partner organization toolkit for information about webinars, stickers, posters, and more 
  • For information about voting in your state check out this interactive guide

Want to learn more about USPS and voting by mail?

  • Watch this USPS Briefing by Tammy Patrick of the Democracy Fund on recent changes to USPS and how they could impact vote by mail this fall

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