Priorities for the 118th Congress

NCJW 118th Congress Priorities

NCJW’s priorities are listed below and reflect much (though not all) of our agenda.

Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

  • Pass WHPA 
  • Pass the EACH Act and remove other abortion coverage bans
  • Pass the SAD Act 
  • Pass the Access to Birth Control Act
  • Pass the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act
  • Pass the My Body, My Data Act
  • Pass the Reproductive Health Care Accessibility Act
  • Pass the Reproductive Health Travel Fund Act
  • Pass the Let Doctors Provide Reproductive Health Care Act
  • Affirmatively make investments in reproductive health care and access 
  • Acknowledge intersectionality of abortion access 

Economic Justice

  • Pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and Part Time Workers Bill of Rights
  • Pass the FAMILY Act
  • Pass the Healthy Families Act
  • Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Pass the Raise the Wage Act
  • Pass the PRO Act
  • Permanently expand Unemployment Insurance
  • Permanent extend the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit 
  • Make investments into quality and affordable childcare and pre-K, including the childcare workforce

Federal Courts

  • Make judicial nominations a priority and select and nominate for federal judgeships individuals who are fair, independent, and qualified representing a diversity of backgrounds and experiences
  • Expand seats on federal lower courts
  • Require a code of ethics and implement a recusal policy for Supreme Court justices; ensure transparency for Supreme Court proceedings

Civil Rights

  • Grant statehood to the District of Columbia
  • Pass the Do No Harm Act
  • Pass the Equality Act
  • Pass the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act
  • Pass the LGBTQ Data Inclusion Act
  • Pass the Reparations Study 
  • Pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act
  • Pass the SAFER Act
  • Address the many facets of racial justice across issues, sectors, regulations, legislation, and government agencies (not just in civil rights legislation or agency Offices of Civil Rights)
  • Address antisemitism in all its forms

Health Care

  • Pass the Black Maternal Health Momnibus
  • Eliminate HHS’ Discrimination Division
  • Pass the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act
  • Pass the Global HER Act
  • Pass HEAL for Immigrant Families Act
  • Pass the Health Care Affordability Act
  • Pass the Real Education and Access for Healthy Youth Act
  • Ensure HHS removes the remaining unnecessary restrictions to obtaining medication abortion

Human Needs

  • Pass a federal budget and appropriations bills to fund human needs programs, protect low income and vulnerable people, promote job creation and strengthen the economy, increase revenue from fair sources, and reflect our nation’s priorities


  • Enact a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and millions of immigrant youth, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients, farm workers, and essential workers.
  • Pass the GRACE Act
  • Pass the Lift the Bar Act

Gender-Based Violence

  • Pass the Be HEARD in the Workplace Act
  • Pass the Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Gun Violence Prevention

  • Eliminate loopholes that allow convicted stalkers and domestic abusers access to guns
  • Ban assault weapons 
  • Pass universal background checks and expand the time required for a background check
  • Pass the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act

Voting Rights

  • Pass the Democracy Restoration Act
  • Pass the For the People Act
  • Pass the Freedom to Vote Act