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Recap: Women’s March Roundup

Across the country, NCJW marched for the Women’s March 2018. Here are a collection of stories from these marched.

A year on, spirits still high at New York Women’s March

The Times of Israel

“We as an organization have been marching for over a century,” said NCJW’s director of marketing and communications, Amanda Lang. “Clearly the issues of the day are slightly different than they were in 1893, but we are still sounding the cry for women’s rights, reproductive freedom, women’s health, immigration rights.” Read the full story. 

Whoopi Joins NYC Women’s March, Women March Across The Globe

The View


U.S. Jewish Groups Pick Up the Baton at anti-Trump Women’s March


“‘We think it’s very, very important that we stand up as Jewish women to speak truth to power, and to say were not going to sit by and tolerate a complete assault on everything we’ve fought for for so many years,’ Kaufman said.” Read the full story.

Women Supporting Women

New Jersey Jewish Standard

NCJW Bergen County Section participated in Women’s marches in Morristown, NJ and Manhattan, NY. Read the full story.

Jewish Women Represented at Women’s March in Lansing

Detroit Jewish News

NCJW Detroit traveled to the state capital to participate in the Women’s March. Read the full story. 

Watch Nancy K. Kaufman’s full speech form the rally at the Women’s March on New York City

A Year After: Another Women’s March Against Trump

Channel 12 News in Israel

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