Rescinding Transgender Guidance Puts Partisan Politics Ahead of Helping Children Feel Safe

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Rescinding Transgender Guidance Puts Partisan Politics Ahead of Helping Children Feel Safe

February 23, 2017, Washington, DC – Mere weeks after claiming his support for LGBTQ rights, President Trump’s administration rescinded guidance issued in May 2016 by the Departments of Justice and Education clarifying protections for transgender students under Title IX. National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) CEO Nancy K. Kaufman released the following statement:

“The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is disgusted by this betrayal, which puts transgender students at risk for bullying, harassment, and violence. In May 2016, NCJW lauded guidance issued by the Obama Administration clarifying the rights and needs of transgender students under Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex in federally funded programs. Transgender students, like all students, deserve safe and nurturing environments in which to learn and grow. While Title IX has been found by numerous courts to include protections for transgender students, the guidance provided teachers and administrators with best practices and tools for ensuring their schools were safe and inclusive.

“Rescinding this guidance doesn’t change the law — transgender students are still protected under Title IX — but it does send a clear message to these students that their safety does not matter to this administration. Further, by couching this as a state issue, it also ignores the historic and critical role the federal government plays in protecting students from discrimination. NCJW denounces the rollback of this important guidance, which will make going to school more difficult for many students. We urge President Trump, Education Secretary DeVos, and Attorney General Sessions to reconsider their role in protecting vulnerable children seeking a safe education.”


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