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Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case of Kavanaugh Era

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Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case of Kavanaugh Era

October 4, 2019, Washington, DC – The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is dismayed by the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a challenge to a Louisiana law requiring doctors performing abortions to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Jody Rabhan, NCJW Chief Policy Officer, released the following statement:

“In 2016, the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt declared that admitting privileges requirements place substantial obstacles in the path of people seeking abortions, unduly burdening access to this basic health service and violating the Constitution. Three years later, the Court has signaled that lower courts are free to ignore this crucial ruling by taking up the identical case of June Medical Services v. Gee.

“Admitting privileges requirements — like other Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws — are designed to close abortion clinics by imposing onerous and medically unnecessary regulations on facilities and providers. The burdens resulting from the Louisiana law challenged in June Medical Services can hardly be overstated. In Whole Woman’s Health, the Court concluded that Texas’ TRAP law would force remaining state facilities to serve between 7,500 and 10,000 patients each year. Louisiana’s identical law would shutter two of the state’s three remaining abortion clinics and leave only one provider qualified to care for the nearly 10,000 Louisianans seeking abortions each year.

“Far more than the rights of Louisiana residents are at stake in this case. State legislatures across the country have moved to ban abortion as early as six weeks or to outlaw the procedure entirely. By agreeing to hear a case that it already decided, the Court has demonstrated its utter disregard for all precedent, especially the constitutional right to abortion that it cemented over 46 years ago and has reaffirmed time and time again. Regardless of who sits on the Court, the Justices must fulfill their constitutional duty and uphold settled law. The National Council of Jewish Women will continue to oppose all measures that restrict access to safe abortion, shutter licensed clinics, and prevent patients from receiving care. We’ll see you at the Court.”

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. More information on Facebook and on Twitter.

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