NCJW’s 2020 Israel Grant Recipients

Isha L’Isha’s Women without Status
Project: Isha L’Isha’s Women without Status project will allow them to advocate for health care and other essential services for the most vulnerable women, including Russian trafficking survivors, African refugees, and Palestinians married to Israeli Palestinians.

Itach-Maaki; Women Lawyers for Social Justice (“With you” in feminine form in Hebrew and Arabic)
Project: Itach-Maaki will be able to train women in the peace and security field and to place them in decision–making positions in the government and private industry.

Israel Hofsheet (A Free Israel)
Project:General funding for sepration of religion and state –  focus on status of women and gender equality,especially in divorce and marriage issues, etc.

Israel Women’s Network (IWN) (Shdulat Nashim- Women’s Lobby)
Project: Israel Women’s Network will promote gender equality in government at national and local levels, in the media, and in the legal system.

Israeli Institute for Gender Equality in Education
Project:The Municipal Initiative Program

Kayan Kayan
Project: Kayan Kayan will work toward empowering women in Arab society, with a focus on political power, community activism, and legal work.

Mahapach -Taghir (“Revolution” “Change” in Hebrew and Arabic)
Project: Jewish-Arab feminist project Mahapach-Taghir, will continue to work in the community to push for social change.

Open Door: Israel Family Planning Association (IFPA) (Delet Ptucha)
Project: Open Door Ambassadors will fight for sexual and reproductive health rights on University campuses.

Tel Aviv University NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program Alumni Association General Funding –

  • Pre-elections keeping Peace issues public
  • Political Alternatives law
  • Engaging Diverse populations
  • Women in decision-making positions

YWP – Young Women Politicians(Politikayot Tze’irot)
Project: Engaging/training/supporting university women to enter politics