“Rabbi Akiva taught: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Leviticus 19:18) is the most important rule in the Torah.” (Jerusalem Talmud)

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting us all. How we practice “love your neighbor” has to look different than what we’re used to. Love, in this moment, means choosing not to come together in person, and instead, finding ways to connect remotely to show care and concern. Now more than ever, we must step up to take care of one another. There is much we can still do to work towards a more just world, even with less physical proximity. Join us.

What is Hello, Neighbor?

Hello, Neighbor (which takes its name from a similarly-minded NCJW project in the 1970s) is an opportunity for advocates to reach out by phone to those in our communities who might need our help – from the comfort of your home.

You can check in with other community members to make sure they have what they need during this difficult time, to connect them to NCJW’s virtual advocacy and education efforts, and to ensure that voters know their options for safely casting their ballot.

Why should I sign up?

The National Council of Jewish Women is building a nationwide outreach effort to connect with our most vulnerable advocates. NCJW has a legacy rooted in Jewish values of comforting the afflicted, sustaining meaningful connections, and pursuing justice.

More than 6,500  calls have already been made by our sections to their members and by headquarters, and we want to keep this momentum going – with your help.

How to Get Involved

Volunteers who sign up will receive a webinar training and additional support so that you can reach out to others in the NCJW community from the safety of your homes, where you may be quarantined or sheltering in place. It’s a simple way to make a real difference.

If you’re part of the NCJW community and would like to receive a call from a Hello, Neighbor volunteer, please let us know HERE.

Questions? Contact Jane Yamaykin at jyamaykin@ncjw.org.

NCJW Sections Partnering in this Program:

Please note, this is a growing list of participating sections as we are continuing to receive responses from those making calls to their members. This list will be updated regularly until all sections partnering in this nationwide movement are recognized.

  • Arizona Section
  • Atlanta Section
  • Bergen County Section
  • Chicago North Shore Section
  • Cleveland Section
  • Colorado Section
  • Greater Dallas Section
  • Greater Philadelphia Section
  • Greater Rochester Section
  • Jersey Hills Section
  • Kendall Section
  • Greater Miami Section
  • Michigan Section
  • Milwaukee Section
  • Minnesota Section
  • Montgomery County Section
  • Nashville Section
  • New Bedford Section
  • New York Section
  • Palm Beach Section
  • Peninsula Section
  • Pittsburgh Section
  • Rockland Section
  • Sacramento Section
  • Saddleback Section
  • San Francisco Section
  • SE Atlantic Section
  • South Shore Section
  • St. Louis Section
  • Valencia Shores Section