GOTV with NCJW + Vote Forward

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is partnering with Vote Forward to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for the 2022 Election! Your vote is your voice. And with so many issues at stake — access to abortion, the judges who serve lifetime appointments on the federal bench, even democracy itself — it is critical that every single eligible voter casts a ballot. This partnership makes GOTV as easy as picking up a pen. 

Vote Forward is a nonprofit organization that empowers grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities (like young people, people of color, and those living in rural areas) to vote by writing and sending them letters. These letters have been proven to boost voter turnout and are an effective way to help get out the vote. 

It’s easy to get involved. Create an account with either NCJW’s national portal or with one of the state portals managed by NCJW leaders across the country: California, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Ohio (Cleveland Section), and Texas (and more coming soon). Your account gives you access to a dashboard from which you can “adopt” voters and print typed letter templates, to which you will add a personalized message to generate excitement about voting. Then hold on to those letters until October 29, the “Big Send” date in the fall, to make sure potential voters get your letters right before the election. (Note: NCJW Sections and advocates can only participate in Vote Forward’s “social campaigns,” which are non-partisan.) 

Below are links to additional resources to help get you started, including a guide for holding a letter writing party with your Section or network. Grab a pen and get to work!  

If you have questions or want to share how your Section or network is using Vote Forward, contact Faith Williams at