Jun 12, 2023

Kaffe with Kalela: Introducing “Womansplaining” — A new model of Israeli feminist activism



June 12, 2023
12pm ET / 9am PT



This month, NCJW’s Israel Program Manager Kalela Lancaster will be joined by special guests Moran Zer Katzenstein, founder of Bonot Alternativa and leader of the women’s protest movement, and Prof. Gila Stopler, founder of the Law Professor’s Forum for Democracy. Together, Moran and Gila lead the exciting new project supported by NCJW’s Israel Granting Program: “Womansplaining”!

The protest movement that has swept Israel over the past few months is based on hundreds of spontaneous, grassroots, citizen initiatives. In June’s Kaffe with Kalela, we will take a deep dive into two of these initiatives, and the incredible program they have created together.

“Womansplaining” is an ambitious nationwide program to educate women in local community groups about their rights as enshrined in Israeli law and the dangers posed specifically to women by legislation proposed by the current Israeli government.

Join us to learn from Moran and Gila about how these new forms of activism are shaping a new bottom-up democratic culture in Israel to combat the forces of extremism and populism.