Support our work in Israel. Donate today.

Support our work in Israel. Donate today.

NCJW has been a leading organization in supporting Israel for more than 70 years, helping to lay the groundwork for important social change efforts in Israel. We are now witnessing the evolution of Israeli society as more and more women demand their fair and equal rights amidst serious challenges to those rights. NCJW has long been committed to advancing women’s status in Israel by helping women develop a stronger voice at all levels of society.

Today, strategic efforts like the Israel Granting Program (IGP) and NCJW’s advocacy and coalition work continue in a spirit of education and empowerment. NCJW helps to advance the lives of women, children, and families, advocate for civil liberties and support efforts to strengthen democracy and peace in Israel – ensuring Israel’s future. Supporting NCJW’s work in Israel is an ideal way to speak your mind and connect your heart to Israel.

The time is NOW to support our Israel programs.  Your (fast and secure) donation is your voice speaking truth to power. 


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