Support the People of Ukraine

Show solidarity with the people of Ukraine

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is horrified by the ongoing war in Ukraine. We have compiled information and resources as you and NCJW local sections look for ways to be in solidarity with those impacted by this conflict.

Educate: Learn more about what’s happening in Ukraine via trusted partners like HIAS.

Advocate: Through HIAS, consider joining or forming a Welcome Circle to sponsor Ukrainian refugees. These circles help provide financial, resettlement, and emotional support to incoming refugees. Learn more here. 

You can also urge the Biden Administration to restore the right to seek asylum, which will help protect the right to asylum for refugees from Ukraine, and all over the world. Take action here.

Donate: If you are able, consider making donations to the below organizations as an individual to support the people of Ukraine.

USAID also has a list of organizations responding in Ukraine to whom you can donate. In addition, Jewish and Israeli organizations are on the ground in Ukraine, working to deliver funds, food, medical supplies, psychological support, and other much-needed supplies and services to the people of Ukraine, including those who have fled their homes, those who can’t escape, and those who have chosen to remain. Consider donating to these organizations, or volunteering your time and supplies as requested.