Washington Institute Scholarship Commitment to Take Action

When you applied for your scholarship, you committed to staying connected to the National Council of Jewish Women by taking action for social change within 6 months of Washington Institute. Please read the details about each of your opportunities to take action.

Attend a section or action team event in your community

We have NCJW sections and action teams located across the country that provide a variety of programming including: community service opportunities, advocacy events, local lobby days, educational events about the issues we work on, and training programs. Choose an event at a section near you to attend. You can locate a section near you here. We have action teams in Wilmington, NC, Tallahassee, FL, Greater Washington DC/Virginia, and San Diego, CA. Learn about what’s happening in each of these action teams by emailing Hannah Cohen Smith, our Grassroots Associate at hcohensmith@ncjw.org.

Attend a Lead! Webinar or Distance Learning Call 

NCJW offers a monthly webinar series, Lead! Organizing skills for grassroots advocates, designed to provide organizing and advocacy skills. Each webinar will focus on one skill through interactive discussions. We also offer learning calls throughout the year that dive into the issues we work on. Learn about the offerings for the next webinar here and keep an eye on your email for announcements about future Lead! webinars and distance learning call details.

Host a book/film discussion on one of our issues 

Educate your friends and community about the issues NCJW works on by hosting a book or film discussion. NCJW has discussion guides already prepared for a selection of books and movies to help you lead the conversation and educate your community. Check our our book discussion options and guides here and our film discussion guides here.

Write an op-ed about one of our lobby issues 

After your Washington Institute experience, where you learned about the social issues we work on and lobbied on Capitol Hill, write an op-ed or letter to the editor about the issue you are most passionate about. We’re here to help make you. Use these tips and feel free to use the expert help of our communication staff by emailing Stephanie Cohen, our Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at scohen@ncjw.org.

Report Form

Once you’ve taken action, please make sure to fill out this report form. When you take action don’t forget to document what you’re doing (we’d love to see pictures, blog posts, links to your op-ed, or follow your instagram or twitter).