Paid family leave for all American workers!

Thirty years ago, the monumental Family and Medical Leave Act gave many American workers the legal right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their jobs.  This has given more than 460 million people time away from work to care for new babies, sick family members, and even their own serious health concerns without fear of losing their job upon returning.

National Council of Jewish Women is incredibly proud that we helped pass FMLA in 1993. And we invite you to join us in celebrating this 30th anniversary of FMLA by pushing for more. It is time for paid family and medical leave for all. 

This includes the 94% of low-wage workers who do not currently get paid family leave. This includes the 44% of workers currently employed by small businesses who are not eligible for any FMLA. This includes the 25% of women who go back to work within ten days of giving birth in this country. 

Paid family and medical leave for all is the next monumental piece of legislation needed to ensure women and all people can both work and take care of their families. Nobody should have to choose between caring for their family and paying their bills. 

One of Judaism’s great sages, Rabbi Eliezer, is quoted as saying, “Other people’s dignity should be as precious to you as your own.” Just as we all would hope for the time and space to care for our loved ones and our own needs without significant financial worry, we should extend it to every worker, whose human rights and dignity are no less vital than our own. 

Join National Council of Jewish Women in making your voice heard: It’s time for paid family and medical leave for all!