NCJW Leadership Webinar Series

For over 125 years, National Council of Jewish Women has been providing women* with tools, trainings, and opportunities to raise their voices, find their strengths, and make an impact in their communities. Join us for the NCJWebinar Leadership Series to develop your skills, deepen your knowledge, and gain tools that will strengthen your impact as a leader (now and in the future). 

Everyone is welcome at the NCJWebinars Leadership Series. Whether you’ve recently gotten involved with NCJW, are stepping into your first leadership role, or have been a leader for 20+ years, we invite you to take time to invest in yourself and the development of your skills. The NCJWebinars Leadership Series covers a wide range of topics to bolster your impact in your community and the success of NCJW Sections across the country. It is generally offered 1-2 times each month on Mondays at 1:30 pm ET (10:30 am PT).

*We use ‘women’ expansively to include anyone who identifies with this term, which may include cis women, trans women, and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary folks.

Explore our archive of past webinar recordings here. If you have any questions, requests for future webinar topics, or feedback, please email

Upcoming Webinars

Measuring Our Success: Program Evaluation

Monday, February 8, 2021 at 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT

How are you measuring the impact of your community service and advocacy efforts? Do you have a clear definition for success of your initiatives and how to quantify it? Join Marilyn Colby Rivkin, NCJW Vice President, and Paula Garret, NCJW Treasurer, to learn about evaluation tools and techniques that integrate evaluation into all of the work you do. You’ll walk away with concrete methods to help your section use evaluation data to focus and enhance your current and future efforts.

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Featured Speakers:

  • Marilyn Colby Rivkin is a vice president of the NCJW Board and past president of the NCJW Minneapolis (now Minnesota) Section. She serves on the NCJW MN leadership and organizational development committee, focusing on leadership training and program evaluation. In her professional life, Colby Rivkin consults with non-profit organizations and public agencies to help them develop, evaluate, and implement effective programs that improve the health and well-being of youth and families.
  • Paula Garret has a broad background in leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations. In her second term as NCJW Treasurer, Paula chairs the Finance Committee which includes the Investment Committee and the Audit Committee. Paula is a past President of the Pittsburgh Section of NCJW and currently serves as the section’s Finance Chair. Until her recent retirement, Paula was CEO of a privately held manufacturing company in Pittsburgh which provides commercial and custom lighting for offices throughout the United States. Paula recently retired to spend more time with family and friends and to continue as an engaged, enthusiastic Board member of the National Council of Jewish Women, Inc.