Jewish Communal Pledge for IVF Access and Religious Freedom

Add your voice: Jewish Communal Pledge for IVF Access and Religious Freedom (in light of the Alabama Supreme Court decision)

In light of the Alabama Supreme Court Decision…

The Alabama Supreme Court just issued a ruling that declared frozen embryos to be children and that the discarding of frozen embryos constitutes the wrongful death of a minor. This decision was clearly in favor of Christian theology, not even trying to hide their reasoning. Indeed, the Chief Justice referenced God 41 times and repeatedly quoted the Bible in his opinion.

The Jewish community cannot be silent! Jewish law is clear: an embryo is not regarded as a person. And the most common Jewish interpretation is that life begins at birth. A court decision that favors one religion over another goes against the principles of our Constitution and disproportionately impacts people from various minority religious backgrounds, including Jewish communities, as well as others who need access to critical reproductive technologies, like LGBTQ couples and those who depend on IVF to start and build their families.

People should have full reproductive freedom to decide when, if, and how to build their families.

Add your voice below pledging to help us move closer to a world where every person is able to access comprehensive, affordable, compassionate, and equitable reproductive health care — including IVF.