Host a screening of Birthright: A War Story!

In the wake of the new abortion restrictions and bans that swept state legislatures across the country in 2019, it is time to come together to discuss a proactive strategy to advance reproductive health, rights, and justice. One of the ways you can engage members around this important issue is by hosting a screening of Birthright: A War Story to encourage discussion and inspire action for social change. This documentary directed, executive produced and written by Arizona Section President Civia Tamarkin examines how pregnant people are jailed, violated, and at risk of death as radical anti-abortion proponents tighten their grip on state legislatures and corporations across America 

NCJW offers the following resources to facilitate both public and private screenings of the film:   

  • If you plan to host 25 or more people, to publicly advertise your event, or to sell tickets and use this screening as a fundraising opportunity, you will need to pay a public screening fee, which includes the purchase of the film. You can also add a speaker affiliated with Birthright to your screening and discussion via Zoom or Skype. NCJW is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for sections in good standing with their National Partnership Dues to cover this fee. Please contact Ari Solomon at for more information. 
  • For smaller private gatherings appropriate for 5-10 people you can purchase the film on iTunes or Amazon. Use our House Meeting Facilitation Guide as you plan your event to help build relationships among team members and discover their strengths and leadership potential. 
  • For both private and public screeningswe encourage you to use our Birthright: A War Story Film Discussion Guide and reproductive health, rights, and justice action resources to provide a basis for discussion and help deepen your understanding of this critical issue.