Confirm Qualified, Fair, and Independent Judicial Nominees

While the Supreme Court makes the headlines, our district and circuit courts make the final call in over ninety-nine percent of federal cases. Over 400,000 cases are filed each year in our federal district and circuit courts, and these cases affect countless people every day. Federal judges who serve in lifetime appointments must be fair, independent, and qualified with a commitment to constitutional rights for everyone.

NCJW believes in a federal judiciary that is of and for the people, and supports the following nominees:

Eunice Lee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: Lee has represented more than 380 clients over the last 20 years as a public defender with the Office of the Appellate Defender in New York City in both federal and state appellate courts, focusing on post-conviction relief. Lee has spent her career ensuring her clients’ constitutional and statutory rights are protected throughout the criminal process. If confirmed, Lee would be the only judge on the Second Circuit with experience as a public defender, in addition to being the second Black woman to ever serve on the Second Circuit.

Veronica S. Rossman to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit: Rossman has spent the past 12 years as a public defender ensuring her clients are treated fairly and with dignity while navigating the criminal justice system. Rossman has been a significant proponent of more humane sentencing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to advising other attorneys on how to best secure compassionate release for clients, Rossman also sought compassionate release for a medically vulnerable client who contracted COVID-19 while serving a 10+ year sentence for a nonviolent offense. In addition to her extensive record as a public defender, Rossman brings a critical perspective to the federal bench as an immigrant whose family fled Russia due to antisemitic persecution.

NCJW supports Eunice Lee and Veronica S. Rossman, whose decades of experience and backgrounds representing a range of clients show they are qualified, fair, and independent, and will ensure justice for all. Urge your senators to support the confirmations of Eunice Lee and Veronica S. Rossman!