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Voter Engagement

Your vote is your voice and it is incumbent on all of us to do everything in our power to ensure every voice is heard in our democracy. Below are some helpful resources, upcoming programs, and ways to take action to ensure that EVERYONE has access to the polls.

Create a voting plan.

To ensure your vote counts, decide how you will vote when you will vote, where you will vote, and what you need to bring with you. Use NCJW’s online registration tool to find your polling information and download and create your vote plan here. And then, encourage your families and networks to do the same.

If your voting plan includes voting by mail, be sure to request a mail-in ballot.

Contact your state board of elections or check out your state’s absentee ballot rules to learn about your state laws, deadlines, and what’s required to vote by mail.

If you are healthy and able, sign up to be a poll worker!

We are in the midst of a nationwide poll worker shortage due to the coronavirus, already leading to long lines and voter disenfranchisement in several primaries. Sign up through our partnership with Power the Polls.

Get Out the Vote!

Join NCJW and Vote Forward to reach out to low-propensity voters by writing them letters. We make it easy through our system which provides you with a template, addresses, and tips to help you write letters. Just BYOS (Bring Your Own Stamps)! Learn more and get involved here.

Sign up to be a nonpartisan poll monitor

Receive training through Election Protection to make sure eligible voters can make their voices heard. Depending on your state, you can volunteer as a poll monitor, roving poll monitor, social media monitor, and voter contact.  Sign up here.

Get involved locally with an NCJW section.

Sections are the heart of NCJW. Turn your values into action locally! Find a section in your community.

Support our work.

Help us continue our critical voting rights work by making a donation to NCJW

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