Participating Sections

Section Name and Captain(s)

Arizona Section:  Carol Consalvo & Susan Roth

Atlanta Section: Lily Brent, Lisa Rovinsky, and Ronnie van Gelder

Austin Section: Lea Isgur

Chicago North Shore Section:  Melanie Greenberg and Jan Schwartz

Cleveland Section: Rita Rome, Jodi Jackson, and Honey Friedman

East Bay Action Team + San Francisco (joint effort): Mollie Read

Essex County Section: Jennie Rothman & Jordana Horn Gordan

Greater New Orleans Section: Lilli Hannah Geltman

Greater Philadelphia Section: Barbara Hoffman

Jersey Hills Section: Tova Samuels
Lori Daugherty (co)
Eileen Janowsky (co)
Ruth Spiegel (co)

Louisville Section: Nancy Chazen

Maryland Action Team:  Lesley Frost

Michigan Section: Linda Levy

Milwaukee Section: Leigh Wallace Tabak

Pittsburgh Section: Rachel Colker & Andrea Glickman

Rockland Section: Joan Birnbaum & Rita Grayson

Rochester Section: Shari Rapowitz Woldenberg

Saint Louis Section: Jennifer Bernstein

SE Atlantic Section: Laura Elias & Janet Chaikin

South Cook Section: Barbara Dutton & Magda Roth

Utah Section:  Rochelle Kaplan & Becky Rice

West Morris Section: Mindy Tegay

Valencia Shores Section: Harriet Nezer & Robin Weissbratten