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Film Screening and Discussion: Trump’s Judges: The Worst of the Worst             

Trump’s Judges: The Worst of the Worst is a short film from Brave New Films Action Fund that brings to light the alarming direction of the federal courts during the Trump administration and the dangers of a partisan judiciary. Under President Trump, the US Senate has confirmed over 200 federal judges — the second-highest number in modern history — in only four years. These judges have expressed views antithetical to the Constitution and social justice, and have already rolled back important protections including voting rights, reproductive rights, and environmental safeguards. Judges confirmed to lifetime seats on the federal courts have the power to impact almost every aspect of public policy. They make decisions every day about health care, bodily autonomy, voting rights, the environment, law enforcement, civil rights, that impact generations.

Preparing for the Film Screening:

  • Watch the 10-minute film for free here collectively or ask participants to watch it in advance.

Zoom Tips:

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  • Start and end on time.

After the Film:

  • Facilitate a post-film discussion. See questions below for
  • Following the post-film discussion, ask if participants are interested in advancing a fair, independent, and qualified federal judiciary. If so, be sure to share NCJW’s #CourtsMatter website and plan a follow-up meeting to discuss an action
  • Provide a quick “take action” component that participants can do on the spot, such as posting on social media or emailing a lawmaker. Find action items here and here.
  • Make sure participants are signed up to receive updates and action opportunities. Direct them to org/signup.
  • Collect names and contact information from all participants, and follow-up with a thank-you message that includes ways to get involved with
Federal courts make decisions that impact women, children, and families. Judges confirmed to lifetime seats on federal courts have the power to influence every aspect of public policy:

  • the schools we can attend;
  •  our privacy;
  • reproductive rights;
  • religious freedom;
  • health care;
  • voting rights; and more!

That’s why ensuring a fair, qualified, and independent judiciary is essential. Because our district and circuit courts are the final word in the vast majority of cases, the careful selection of lower court judges is critical.

Discussion Questions to Consider:

  • What are your initial thoughts about the documentary?
  • What role do the federal courts play in the lives of Americans?
  • How have the courts impacted your life?
  • What are the implications of a partisan judiciary?
  • What are some ways to depoliticize the courts?
  • When did you first realize the influence of the judiciary?
  • What can be learned about the federal court system presented in this documentary?

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