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Celebrating Israel’s 70th: Our work in Israel

For 70 years, NCJW has worked in partnership with Israel to support advocates, women leaders, and outreach programs. We celebrate Israel’s 70 years of remarkable achievements, the creativity and dynamism of all its people, the importance of Israel as a homeland of the Jewish people and the state of all its citizens, and the leadership of its fearless women.

Below is a brief (and by no means exhaustive!) timeline of our work in Israel over the past 70 years:

1947 – Created Ship-a-Box (until 1997) provides much needed clothes, toys, and educational materials

1962 – Building of Hebrew University High School Campus  (Leyada)

1968 – Endows RIFIE – Research Institute for Innovation in Education at Hebrew University- HIPPY (Home Education for Parents of Pre-school Youngsters) now in 20 U.S. States and in countries all over the world

1998 – Founding of first Israeli B.A. granting program in gender studies – Tel Aviv University NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program. Established Israel Granting Program (formerly Yad B’Yad), which has made over 2 million dollars in grants to Israeli organizations

2005 –  Feminist donor circle US Israel Women to Women integrated into NCJW  – grassroots and advocacy support of Israeli women

2018 – Groundbreaking Research in partnership with Dafna Fund – “Women’s and Feminist Organizations in Israel, Past Achievements and Future Directions.” National feminist conference in Tel Aviv, “Women Leading Change” – in partnership with the Dafna Fund and with support of Mazer Family Fund


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