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August Recess 2019: #CloseTheCamps!

Our government’s treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers, including children, is deplorable. Families and individuals seeking better lives are packed into holding cells, cages, and tents. They lack food, water, and medical care, are denied soap and toothpaste, and report harassment and abuse. All while Congress continues to fund those responsible for creating these conditions in the first place and the administration crows over their “success” at deterring people from our border.

But there is so much we can do. Congress is home during August, making this the perfect time to take action.

  1. Plan an in-district visit with your lawmakers. Tell your elected officials to reduce funding for immigration enforcement and close the camps.
  2. Publish an LTE or Op-Ed. Engage the media, your community, and Members of Congress by sharing your thoughts in your local or national paper.
  3. Massive immigration enforcement raids in Mississippi on August 7 separated hundreds of parents from their children. Raids of this size requires a tremendous amount of legal and humanitarian aid from local communities. One way to help is to donate to six local organizations helping families in the wake of the raids.

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