73Forward Campaign Launch: Pathways to Expanding Abortion Access

Everyone deserves safe, dignified, and affordable access to abortion care. With the harsh attacks on abortion access across the country and Roe effectively overturned in Texas and at risk of being overturned nationwide, now is the time to take action.

Join NCJW for 73Forward, a new campaign to increase access to abortion services across the US. For too long the faith-based narrative in this country has been one against abortion, yet Jewish tradition encourages and sometimes requires it. Through our 73Forward campaign, NCJW is rewriting that narrative and leading a new Jewish communal movement to remove educational, financial, and legislative roadblocks for people experiencing pregnancy.

On Wednesday, October 27th, we came together as a community to learn about the nationwide state of play and the opportunities to affect real change in expanding access to abortion care through 73Forward. Watch the event in its entirety here.