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36 Religious Groups Sign On to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
45th NCJW Convention to Meet in Dallas March 3-5Web page
After Supreme Court Argument, NCJW Confident Health Law is Constitutional Web page
Confirmation of Rep. Tom Price for HHS Secretary Will Endanger Nation, Women’s Health, NCJW SaysWeb page
Faith Groups Applaud Report on Including Contraception in Health Care Reform Web page
Health Care for Immigrant Women and Families Benefits Us AllWeb page
In Wake of Hobby Lobby Ruling, NCJW Tells Federal Government to Uphold Religious Liberty, Ensure Access to Birth Control Coverage for AllWeb page
Jewish Groups Observe World AIDS Day 2010Web page
Jewish Women Call for Discourse on Women’s Health, Reproductive ChoiceWeb page
Jewish Women to Celebrate Marriage Equality and Focus on Filling the Supreme Court Vacancy, Reproductive Justice, Voting Rights, and Human Trafficking at National ConferenceWeb page
Jewish Women’s Group Lauds Ballot Gains While Vowing to Keep Fighting for Reproductive JusticeWeb page
Komen Defunding of Planned Parenthood Cancer Screening Deeply Disappointing, NCJW Says Web page
National Council of Jewish Women to Lead Nationwide Fast Day for Immigration ReformWeb page
NCJW Appalled by Appointment of Eric Keroack to Oversee Family Planning ProgramWeb page
NCJW Applauds Bills to Expand Access to Abortion for Women in Peace Corps, MilitaryWeb page
NCJW Applauds Budget Initiatives for Families and Children, Disappointed at Continued Federal Ban Denying Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Applauds Defeat of Extreme State Ballot Initiatives Web page
NCJW Applauds Demise of House Effort to Limit Abortions in DCWeb page
NCJW Applauds Enactment of Shaheen Amendment Easing Abortion Access for Military PersonnelWeb page
NCJW Applauds FDA Move to Increase Access to Emergency ContraceptionWeb page
NCJW Applauds House Failure to Pass Anti-Abortion BillWeb page
NCJW Applauds Introduction of the ''Freedom of Choice Act''Web page
NCJW Applauds Justice Stevens’ Service; Looks Ahead to Upcoming Nomination ProcessWeb page
NCJW Applauds Komen Foundation for Reversing Decision on Planned Parenthood Funding Web page
NCJW Applauds Nebraska Abortion Ban DecisionWeb page
NCJW Applauds Obama Administration Decision to Ensure Expanded Contraceptive CoverageWeb page
NCJW Applauds Progress on First Anniversary of Health Care LawWeb page
NCJW Applauds Rejection of Abortion Ban in South DakotaWeb page
NCJW Applauds Release of Plan B Emergency Contraception, But Not RestrictionsWeb page
NCJW Applauds Report on Including Contraceptive Coverage in Health Care ReformWeb page
NCJW Applauds Restoration of Access to Affordable Family PlanningWeb page
NCJW Applauds Ruling on Abortion BanWeb page
NCJW Applauds Senate Rejection of Anti-Planned Parenthood BillWeb page
NCJW Calls Budget Provisions on Women’s Reproductive Health a Modest ImprovementWeb page
NCJW Calls for Comprehensive Sex-Education Programs in Public SchoolsWeb page
NCJW Calls for End to Hyde Amendment, Renewal of Promise of Roe on 40th AnniversaryWeb page
NCJW Calls for Full Funding of US and International HIV/AIDS ProgramsWeb page
NCJW Calls for Renewal of Roe’s Promise on 42nd Anniversary; Decries House Anti-Abortion VoteWeb page
NCJW Calls for Strong Investment in International Family Planning and an End to Gag Rule Web page
NCJW Calls HHS Decision on Emergency Contraception a Major Setback for WomenWeb page
NCJW Calls on Congress to Protect Health Care for MillionsWeb page
NCJW Calls on Government, Courts to Act Quickly to Preserve Contraceptive Access After Zubik RulingWeb page
NCJW Calls on Supreme Court to Protect Clinic AccessWeb page
NCJW Calls on US Supreme Court to Protect Access to Contraception and Religious LibertyWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Anniversary of Affordable Care ActWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Historic Decision on Privacy, Warns of ThreatsWeb page
NCJW Celebrates Wider Access to Emergency ContraceptionWeb page
NCJW Changemakers Join Top Political Leaders and Policy Experts for Washington Institute Policy ConferenceWeb page
NCJW Co-Sponsors National Day of Action Against StupakWeb page
NCJW Concerned About Recent Developments Impeding Birth Control Access Web page
NCJW Condemns Biased Congressional Hearing on Religious Liberty and Women’s Health CoverageWeb page
NCJW Condemns House Health Care Vote Against Abortion Rights Web page
NCJW Condemns Latest Effort in Congress to Restrict Abortion AccessWeb page
NCJW Critical of CBS Decision to Run Super Bowl Ad for Focus on the FamilyWeb page
NCJW Criticizes Exclusion of Women at Reproductive Health Conference in IsraelWeb page
NCJW Declares Resignation of Eric Keroack a Boon to Women's HealthWeb page
NCJW Decries Appeals Court Decision on Denying Contraceptive CoverageWeb page
NCJW Decries House Passage of Bill Endangering TeensWeb page
NCJW Decries House Passage of So-Called Protect Life ActWeb page
NCJW Decries House Vote to Further Restrict Access to AbortionWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed by Gonzales ConfirmationWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disappointed by HHS Latest Stance on Morning After PillWeb page
NCJW Deeply Disturbed by Move to Restrict Abortion in IsraelWeb page
NCJW Deeply Troubled by FDA NominationWeb page
NCJW Demands Congress Stop Delaying the Federal Budget With Harmful Efforts to Defund Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Denounces Decision on Federal Abortion BanWeb page
NCJW Denounces House Committee Vote on Anti-Abortion Bill Web page
NCJW Denounces House Hearing on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Denounces House Hearing on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Denounces House Vote to Ban Abortions at 20 WeeksWeb page
NCJW Denounces Latest Anti-Abortion Effort in CongressWeb page
NCJW Denounces Latest Anti-Abortion Ruling in TexasWeb page
NCJW Denounces Latest State Assault on Reproductive FreedomWeb page
NCJW Denounces New HHS Rule as Attack on Women, Urges RepealWeb page
NCJW Denounces Proposed Abortion BanWeb page
NCJW Denounces Senate Health Care Restrictions on Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Denounces Senate Passage of Abortion Restriction BillWeb page
NCJW Denounces Senate Vote on So-Called ''Partial Birth Abortion''Web page
NCJW Denounces So-Called ''Partial Birth Abortion'' BanWeb page
NCJW Denounces So-Called Religious Freedom Laws That Would Legalize DiscriminationWeb page
NCJW Denounces US Denial of UNFPA FundingWeb page
NCJW Denounces Virginia Attack on Abortion Rights Web page
NCJW Deplores Extension of Hyde Amendment for Two Years as Part of Medicare BillWeb page
NCJW Deplores Restoration of Texas Anti-Abortion LawWeb page
NCJW Deplores Vote Restoring Funds for Abstinence-Only ProgramWeb page
NCJW Disappointed by Abortion Funding Restrictions in 2010 Federal BudgetWeb page
NCJW Dismayed at Continued Attempts to Deny Women Birth Control Coverage Under Affordable Care ActWeb page
NCJW Dismayed by Hyde Language in Trafficking Bill; Applauds Senators Who Fought to Protect Women’s HealthWeb page
NCJW Elects Linda Slucker President, Launches Campaign to Defend Reproductive FreedomWeb page
NCJW Endorses Bill to Reverse Hobby Lobby RulingWeb page
NCJW Endorses Federal Legislation to Protect Abortion AccessWeb page
NCJW Executive Director Addresses Pre-March Rally at March for Women's LivesWeb page
NCJW Expresses Extreme Disappointment at Anti-Abortion Ruling in TexasWeb page
NCJW Expresses Frustration at FDA Delay on Emergency ContraceptionWeb page
NCJW Forum Encouraging Voters to Vote No on Amendments 6 and 8 attracts 150 attendeesWeb page
NCJW Gratified by Conviction in Tiller Murder TrialWeb page
NCJW Hails Defeat of Amendment to Deny Health Care to MillionsWeb page
NCJW Hails Victory for Women in Texas Abortion CaseWeb page
NCJW Heartened by Defunding of Abstinence-Only Programs in President’s BudgetWeb page
NCJW Infuriated by Senate Vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Defund Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Issues Call to Action to Preserve Abortion Access on Roe AnniversaryWeb page
NCJW Joins 35 Faith-Based Organizations Calling for an End to Federal Bans on Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Joins Rally to Stand Up for Women's HealthWeb page
NCJW Joins Statement in Support of White House Policy on Contraceptive Coverage Web page
NCJW Lauds Defeat of Anti-Abortion Bill, Looks to Next RoundWeb page
NCJW Lauds Victory for Young Women in Emergency Contraception CaseWeb page
NCJW Launches Campaign to Save Reproductive RightsWeb page
NCJW Leader Finds UN Agency Aids in Reform of Chinese Family Planning ProgramsWeb page
NCJW Leaders Come to Washington to Speak Up for Abortion CoverageWeb page
NCJW Marks World AIDS Day with Call for More Funding and Fewer RestrictionsWeb page
NCJW on Capitol Hill to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
NCJW on Capitol Hill to Support EACH Woman ActWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: Achieving a More Perfect Union: An Agenda for the New CongressWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: Enact Equal Access to Birth ControlWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: Saving Family Planning for the Next GenerationWeb page
NCJW Op-Ed: What You Need to Know About the US Health Reform-DebateWeb page
NCJW Opposes Gonzales NominationWeb page
NCJW Optimistic that Obama Administration Announcement Will Ensure Expanded Contraceptive Coverage Web page
NCJW Outraged at Committee Action and Vote Approving Representative PriceWeb page
NCJW Outraged at House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Intimidate Abortion ProvidersWeb page
NCJW Outraged at Murder of Dr. George TillerWeb page
NCJW Outraged by Attack on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Outraged by Attack on Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Outraged by House Vote to Defund Planned ParenthoodWeb page
NCJW Praises Critical Step to Reverse Bush HHS RuleWeb page
NCJW Praises Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Health Care LawWeb page
NCJW President Addresses 1.15 Million Activists at March for Women's LivesWeb page
NCJW President Appointed by President Obama to White House Advisory CouncilWeb page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan Says New HHS Rule Will Hurt Women Web page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan Submits Statement for Congressional Hearing on Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage ProgramsWeb page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan's Op-Ed Published by the Milwaukee Journal SentinelWeb page
NCJW President Nancy Ratzan's Op-Ed Published by the Philadelphia Jewish ExponentWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder Announces Launch of Plan A -- NCJW's Campaign for Contraceptive AccessWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder's Op-Ed for International Women's Day PublishedWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder's Op-Ed on Roe v. Wade Published by The ForwardWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder's Op-Ed on Supreme Court Decision Published by JTAWeb page
NCJW President Phyllis Snyder's Religion-State Op-Ed Published by New York Jewish WeekWeb page
NCJW President to Address March for Women's LivesWeb page
NCJW President Urges the House of Representatives to Oppose UVVAWeb page
NCJW President Urges the Senate to Oppose UVVAWeb page
NCJW Reaffirms Support for Planned Parenthood in Response to AttacksWeb page
NCJW Receives “Solidaridad” Award for Efforts to Attain Reproductive Justice for Immigrant WomenWeb page
NCJW Redoubles Effort to Eliminate Stupak in Face of Senate VictoryWeb page
NCJW Responds to Movement for Black Lives PlatformWeb page
NCJW Salutes 36th Anniversary of Roe v. WadeWeb page
NCJW Salutes Senate Action and Urges Final Approval of Provision to Improve Servicewomen's Access to Reproductive Health CareWeb page
NCJW Supports Over-the-Counter Access to Emergency ContraceptionWeb page
NCJW Turns Out in Force for Historic March for Women's LivesWeb page
NCJW Unites with Reproductive Health Advocates to Protect Birth Control, Launches Plan AWeb page
NCJW Urges Overturn of Global Gag Rule and Restoration of UNFPA FundingWeb page
NCJW Urges Passage of Basic Reproductive Health Care for Peace Corps VolunteersWeb page
NCJW Urges Senate Committee to Reject Michael Boggs for Georgia Federal Court SeatWeb page
NCJW Urges Support of Prevention First ActWeb page
NCJW Urges Supreme Court to Protect Insurance Coverage of Contraception in Challenge to Affordable Care ActWeb page
NCJW Urges Withdrawal of Michael Boggs Nomination to Federal BenchWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Approval of New Emergency ContraceptionWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Budget Vote, Warns of Next RoundWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Budget Vote, Warns of Next RoundWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Court Ruling on Birth Control Coverage in Health Care LawWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Federal Budget Proposal’s Initiatives for Families, Expresses Disappointment that Abortion Restrictions RemainWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Forward Motion by Administration on Contraceptive Coverage BenefitWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Injunction Against Mississippi Anti-Abortion LawWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Introduction of Sex Education BillWeb page
NCJW Welcomes New Global Sexual and Reproductive Health BillWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Overturn of Texas Restrictions on Abortion ServicesWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Passage of Health Care Bill, Criticizes Abortion RestrictionsWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Proposed EACH Woman Act, Would Ensure Abortion Coverage for Millions Now Denied AccessWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Provisions of Omnibus Spending Bill Signed by PresidentWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Action to Keep Texas Abortion Clinics OpenWeb page
NCJW Welcomes Supreme Court Decision on Pregnant Workers’ Rights, Urges Passage of Pregnant Workers Fairness ActWeb page
NCJW's BenchMark Campaign Website Earns New Industry HonorsWeb page
New NCJW Initiative Focuses on Reproductive JusticeWeb page
New Rule on Birth Control Helps Women But Falls Short, NCJW SaysWeb page
On 39th Anniversary, NCJW Calls for Continued Defense of Roe v. WadeWeb page
On Roe v. Wade Anniversary NCJW Presses for Reproductive Rights AgendaWeb page
On World Population Day, NCJW Calls for More International Family Planning FundsWeb page
Part I: Nancy Kipnis, NCJW Vice President, Briefing on International Family Planning Efforts in ChinaWeb page
Part II: Nancy Kipnis, NCJW Vice President, Briefing on International Family Planning Efforts in ChinaWeb page
Preserve Abortion Access, Urges NCJW on 38th Anniversary of Roe v. WadeWeb page
Proposed HHS Regulation Threatens Health-Care Access, Says NCJWWeb page
Rabbis, Jewish Civil Rights Leaders Unite to Defend Reproductive Freedom as Religious FreedomWeb page
Religious Organizations Support Health Care Reform That Does Not Create New Abortion Coverage RestrictionsWeb page
Ruling to Lift Age Restrictions on Emergency Contraception is Victory for Women’s HealthWeb page
Supreme Court Cases Ayotte and Scheidler Are Key to Survival of Abortion Rights, NCJW SaysWeb page
Supreme Court Refusal to Consider Arizona’s 20-Week Abortion Ban a Victory for Women, NCJW Says Web page
Supreme Court Should Reject Attack on Women’s Rights at Work, NCJW SaysWeb page

Journal Articles


Summer 2006 NCJW JournalWeb page
Winter 2007/2008 NCJW Journal  Web page
Framing the Feminist Debate Web page
Exporting Ideology, Risking LivesWeb page
Safeguarding Access to Reproductive CareWeb page
Winter 2006 NCJW Journal Web page
Looking AheadWeb page
Let's Talk About SexWeb page



Plan AWeb page
BenchMarkWeb page

Public Policy


Health Care ReformWeb page
Young Women's Reproductive Health & RightsWeb page
International Reproductive HealthWeb page
Reproductive Health & RightsWeb page
Sex EducationWeb page
Domestic Family PlanningWeb page
Access to AbortionWeb page

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Meet the Goldens: Three Generations of Advocates for Reproductive Rights Web page
The Courts Matter: Roe v. WadeWeb page
Expert ProfilesWeb page
Support Reproductive Choices and a Responsible BudgetWeb page
Michael Patrick BoggsWeb page
This June, Take Action for Contraceptive AccessWeb page
Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at RiskWeb page
Standing Up for Reproductive Rights in PittsburghWeb page
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In It From the BeginningWeb page

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